Professional, high-quality, ski and snowboard servicing.

We offer a professional, high-quality, ski and snowboard servicing service in our purpose built workshop, for anyone looking to “re-tune” their equipment. Our ski techs are fully trained and have years of experience, so you can trust them to get your equipment back to the highest possible grade for your mountain pleasure.

A full service comprises a full base grind, with base repair (“holes” repaired and sealed), an edge tuning to the appropriate angle, and a complete hand ironed, hot wax. Our choice of wax depends on the condition in which the ski or snowboard will be used. We compose our own unique weather waxes by mixing different wax types to reach the right “snow slide”, non stick, end product.

We de-tune all skis and snowboards after the edging process to ensure a perfect, non catchy, skiing / snowboarding experience.

The cost of a Full Service in the workshop is the following:

Note: We can also collect and then drop back your serviced equipment directly to where you are staying. We charge a 10€ delivery fee for this mobile service, regardless of whether there is one or more pieces of equipment.