Adult Monoski

Monoski Hire in Morzine and Les Gets.

A monoski is a wide ski where the bindings are mounted parallel to each other. Spectacular images can be drawn while riding in deep snow, on mogul slopes and while carving.

Unlike with a snowboard, you ride a monoski using ski poles. The riding direction is also different from snowboarding: With monoski, you move forward instead of sideways.

*The equipment shown in the images are for demonstration purposes only.

Peace of mind - Safety & Warranties.


You can add a helmet to your ski or snowboard selection at the time of booking, or after if you forget. We also carry a large selection of helmets when we deliver your equipment.

Damage Warranty

Ski Mobile offer all our clients the option of paying for an inexpensive Damage Warranty when booking your equipment. This option gives you the piece of mind knowing that your equipment is covered in case of any damage during your stay. The warranty covers skis, snowboards, boots, helmets and poles.

Theft Warranty

This option works very simply. If your equipment gets stolen during your stay then you will not be charged anything by us. Zero. This is an inexpensive way to leave all your worries at home. You are fully covered against the theft of any of your equipment.

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