La Réservation

L'idée est simple: Vous Réservez en Ligne, Nous Vous Livrons. Nous Récupérons votre Matériel en Fin de Séjour. Vous êtes Satisfait , Nous Aussi!

Firstly, you can check all our prices and ski and snowboard packages online to see what we have to offer. Select the number of days rental and the equipment type to start of with and then you’ll be bale to see all our ski and snowboard packages and prices.

When you have decided to book with us, you can select the ski and snowboard packages that you want by selecting the pack and then adding it to your shopping basket, or ski rack as we call it. We strongly recommend each party member wears a helmet.

Once you’ve selected all the equipment that you wish to rent, you are then directed to the next step where you are required to enter all the information needed for each person associated with each package.

You will need to enter the following information:

Name: We name tag all the equipment that we rent out so we need each persons name.

Age Category: a persons age can also effect the DIN safety setting and the length and choice of ski.

Sex: we have many ski and snowboard models that are marketed as “Women’s/men’s” models by the manufacturers. This generally means different colour schemes and quite a few of the “women’s” models are also lighter in weight. The bindings will also have different settings.

Height: so we can give you the correct length of ski or snowboard. We already know your ability level by the package you have chosen, and this is also taken into account when choosing the correct length of ski or snowboard for you.

Weight: this is very important so we can set the DIN safety settings on your skis to the correct weight mark. This is what will ensure that your skis come off if you have a fall where the impact is centered around the leg area.

Shoe Size: if you are renting boots then the correct shoe size is very important. We also ask clients who are not renting boots to enter in their shoe size as sometimes this has an effect on certain ski and snowboard binding sizes.
Further package Specification: any notes on the packages that you may wish to make.

Stance: if you have selected a snowboard then you will be asked to enter in the persons board stance. This is either goofy (right foot forward), or regular (left foot forward). This is important for the board set up as the stnce will determine how the bindings are mounted.

So now the long part is done, you’re almost there….

All that’s left to do is to enter your accommodation and travel information.

If you cannot find you accommodation on our Accommodation List then simply select “Holiday Company not Listed”, then select “Enter Delivery Address in Note Section” (You can enter your full address in the notes section on the next page), and then click on the “Continue” button.

Now the final “Booking Details” page. We need a Party leader name and email address for the booking. This is the address to which the Booking Confirmation will be emailed. This is also the email that will be needed to re-access your booking for any further modifications at a later date. We also request a contact mobile telephone number so as we can contact you on your day of arrival to set a delivery time that suits you.

All we need to know now is your exact arrival date, and time, and then the date you intend starting skiing on. We generally aim to deliver when clients arrive in resort but the actual paid rental period starts when you actually hit the slopes, so no need to count the day you arrive in the rental period if you don’t actually start the using the equipment until the following day.

Save everything and then you just need to choose how you would like to pay.

We offer the option of paying online, or paying in resort. Whichever option suits you, suits us. If you take the pay in Resort option you can still pay by credit card, or by cash if you prefer. Once you take either option your booking is confirmed and you will receive a Confirmation Email from us. Even if you take the Pay Online option but then decide to not finish the payment process, by entering in and confirming your credit card details, you will still receive a Confirmation Email, with a valid booking number and your booking goes into our Delivery Schedule. Your booking is still considered “Confirmed” by us. No problems, only solutions.

Pay Online option: by taking this option you will be directed to our Secure Online Payment page operated by our bank Credit Agricole. When you have paid, your booking will be “closed”, and you will no longer be able to access it to make changes. Please email us directly for any modifications and we will tag notes to your booking from our end. If you wish to pay online, but wish to pay at a later stage then when you are making the booking, please take the Pay later / Pay In Resort option and this way you can re-acccess your booking when you are ready to pay and pay at your leisure via our secure online payment system.

Pay in Resort/Pay later: if you take this option your booking is immediately confirmed and you will get a Confirmation email and a valid booking number. You will still be able to make changes to your booking by logging in to your booking via our website Login area. To login you will need the email address associated with the booking and the bookings reference number. You will have the number on your Confirmation Email and you will also have been able to view it after having clicked on this option. You pay when you arrive at the time of delivery. We accept credit card, Visa and MasterCard, and cash payments. Sorry, no AM-EX. If there are several different clients / families on a single booking each person/ family can pay separately, if this is easier than one single payment.

You can also pay by bank transfer, if you prefer. Please contact us via email for our bank details.

Cancellation Policy – it can’t be any simpler: if you decide to cancel, we’ll refund you the full amount.


La Livraison

C'est là que le vrai plaisir commence!

The Ski Mobile Ski and Snowboard rental Delivery service covers Morzine, Les Gets, and the surrounding areas of Montriond, St Jean d’Aulps, La Grande Terche, and La Cote d’Arbroz. If you are unsure whether we cover where you are staying simply contact us and we’ll let you know. We do not deliver to the top Avoriaz resort as the resort is vehicle free and we are not allowed by law to do any deliveries in the top Avoriaz car park areas.

We generally aim to deliver the ski and snowboard equipment when the client arrives into resort. We’ll give you a call directly when you are on your way to the resort to set an exact delivery time that suits you. For clients that arrive late at night (after 8pm on a weekend normally) we tend to do the delivery first thing the following morning from 8am.

ski mobile

Durant votre Séjour

Si vous avez le moindre besoin, nous sommes au bout du fil.

We aim to make everything as easy as possible for you during your winter holiday.
If, after your first days skiing or any other day, you have any problem we will come directly back to your accommodation and sort out the issue. Whether you’ve a problem with your ski boots, your snowboard bindings are too loose, or simply want to change your ski, nothing is a problem for us.

We also offer a professional Ski and Snowboard Repair and Servicing facility in our workshop for your personal skis and snowboard that may need tuning before or during your holiday. We can come directly to your accommodation and collect and return your equipment so that you are fully ready to attack the pistes! The service offers everything from simple waxing, and edging to full base repairs and more advanced technical “operations”.


Le Ramassage des Equipements

Dîtes-nous simplement lorsque vous êtes prêts, nous nous occuperons du reste!

At the end of your holiday, and your last day skiing or snowboarding, we will come directly to your accommodation and pick up your rental equipment.

No stress for returning the equipment. We will contact you and then come to your accommodation once you’re back down off the slopes.